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Titan Ceramics is the state-of-the-art tiles showroom at heart of Coimbatore. We are No.1 manufacture, wholesaler, and retailer providing excellent quality Floor tiles, Wall tiles, Bathroom tiles, Picture tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Parking Tiles, Pooja room Tiles, roof tiles, Designer collection in bath accessories, fast moving selective collection of designer sanitary wares like wash basins, closets, bathroom accessories etc. We are specialized team provides consulation for the customers to choose best suitable type(GVT, PGVT, Ordinary, Glossy, embossed), quality includes at the affordable prices.

While visiting Should you have any queries like the below, please feel free to reach out of sales executives. We are here to clarify any queries and concerns you have. We are No.1 vitrified Tile Dealers in Coimbatore

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What is the cost of vitrified tiles?
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